Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey locates, describes, and maps your property lines and corners. This may be an original survey to define a new parcel of land, or a retracement survey to locate the boundaries of an existing parcel. A boundary survey can clarify uncertain lines and reveal any easements or encroachments affecting your land.

Subdivision Plans & Layout

A subdivision is created when a parcel of land is divided into three or more lots within a five-year period. Subdivisions require a team of professionals, including a Land Surveyor, to satisfy a myriad of municipal and environmental requirements. We prepare a plan of the subdivision lots for recording at the county Registry of Deeds.

Construction Layout & 

As-Built Surveys

Often in association with a site plan or subdivision, we can stake out the location of proposed structures on the ground to guide construction crews and ensure proper placement in relation to buffers or setback lines. After construction is complete, an As-Built survey verifies the structure was built according to plan.

Land Divisions

A division is an original boundary survey that separates a new distinct parcel of land out of a larger existing parcel. In order to convey this new parcel of land, we prepare a legal description for the deed which clearly specifies the boundaries of the new parcel. Do-it-yourself descriptions often result in ambiguity and future confusion.

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey gathers data about the elevation of points on the land and presents them as contour lines on a map or plan. This information is used as a base map for architects, civil engineers, and landscape architects to design their proposed projects, determine drainage, and calculate earthwork volumes.

Elevation Certificates

For properties in a FEMA-designated flood zone, an elevation certificate is required to prove that flood insurance may not be necessary for your dwelling. This surveying service can be very worthwhile for landowners who can avoid the annual cost of flood insurance premiums if their structure is found to be above the published Base Flood Elevation for their area. 

Site Plans & Layout

A site plan is often necessary for proposed construction, especially along waterfront. Municipalities may require Surveyor-certified plans in order to issue building permits prior to construction. We can also mark off the physical location of the proposed structure and any buffers or setback lines to aid in regulatory compliance.

Land Title Surveys

Land title surveys are provided to title companies, lenders, and discerning buyers for commercial real estate transactions. These surveys adhere to strict Minimum Standard Detail Requirements developed jointly by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

Mortgage Loan Inspections

A mortgage loan inspection (MLI) is typically requested by a lender, title company, or attorney at the time of sale to verify the location of buildings and improvements on the property in relation to the apparent boundary lines. An MLI is a simple general inspection and should not be confused with a boundary survey which provides much more detail and precision.


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