Land survey notice

If you received a pink postcard from us in the mail, we will be surveying in your neighborhood in the upcoming weeks. We value your understanding that surveyors often need to collect data and locate boundary evidence beyond the subject property to accurately determine the location of boundary lines, and we may need to enter upon or cross your land in order to fulfill our contractual and professional duties. The Maine Legislature has recognized and codified this need as the "Right of entry for professional land surveyor performing land surveying services".

You can view the full text of the law on the Maine Legislature's website:

Our highest priority is respect for all landowners and their property. We will introduce ourselves to you in person if possible. In our search for relevant boundary evidence we may use a metal detector or probe to locate buried iron rods or monuments, and if found, we may dig just enough to expose them for accurate location. We will fill the hole and replace the sod as soon as we are finished. This is common along streets and highways, where the width of the right-of-way often extends into what may look like residential front yards, and boundary markers and road monuments have been set below grade to prevent disturbance or filled over during road improvements.

To accurately locate boundary evidence beyond the subject property we may need to set traverse stations to facilitate measurements with our equipment. This may require trimming of small wild brush to create narrow sight lines, but please be assured we will not damage any crops, ornamental trees, or landscaping. If you are opposed to any trimming of wild brush on your land please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have any unrecorded documents or historical knowledge regarding your property that you feel would be relevant to our survey we'd be happy to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!